A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Windows

You are looking for the best ways to clean your windows with crystal clear, streak-free results. Clean windows pass sunlight, and avoid grim with allergens, dust, dirt and other pollutants. You can feel the office environment hygienic and have a professional appearance.

Let Xlent Cleaning offer you a step-by-step window cleaning guide for your office(s), and commercial building(s).

Step 1: get necessary window cleaning gears ready

In advance, make all the required tools, liquids and chemicals ready. Ensure their quality standards. You can buy them from cleaning supplies shops in the market.

The List of Tools and chemicals

  • Window-cleaning bucket
  • Rubber squeegee
  • Scrubber or a sponge
  • Clean, lint-free microfiber rags
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Cleaning solution/ window cleaning chemical
  • Poles & Ladders (if needed)

Step-2: preparing your windows for cleaning

Before your actual cleaning starts, make your windows ready for cleaning. You should:

Remove Grime, Dust and Cob-webs

  1. Remove aggressive stains such as bird stools, bugs and mineral deposits.
  2. Remove accumulated dust, grime and dirt.
  3. For lingering spots, scrub them with a brush.
  4. To remove solid muck, you can use a razor blade, but be careful not to hurt yourself or scratch the glass.
  5. Remove the cobwebs with a stick or broom.

Remove the Stickers

  • Removing stickers off the glass surfaces by hand is not easy. For this, firstly, spray on the stickers, then scrape the stickers off with the scraper from bottom to top. When it is done, wipe off the water before it dries on the glass.

Remove the Curtains and Furniture

  • Before cleaning, pull out your curtains or blinds to save them from getting dirty or even marked from the chemicals. Do the same for the furniture near the windows.

Step- 3: prepare your window cleaning solution

While preparing a window cleaning solution, you have two options.

Option 1: Preparing a DIY (do it yourself) Window Cleaner

To prepare the best homemade cleaning solution, mix one spoon of dishwashing liquid or soap in a bucket of water. Or, you can use some distilled white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water to clean windows.

Option 2: Using a Ready-Made Window Cleaning Solution

If you are busy or feel the hassle of mixing stuff, you can also use a wide variety of commercial window cleaning solutions available in the market, but select the effective ones.

Step- 4: start cleaning

Now, your actual window cleaning starts here.

Scrub the glass with soapy water, working at all angles to clean the edges
Move the squeegee horizontally across the glass, but vertical strokes will work too
Tip the squeegee, start at the top corner, make horizontal strokes, from top to bottom
Wipe them with a lint-free microfiber cloth.
If the windows are too high, you can use a sponge mop on a pole.

Step 5: dry them off.

Use the squeegee blade to dry up your windows. Ensure that the squeegee is of high quality and the blade is sharp. Do horizontal strokes, but a vertical movement would be better for small panels. Dry the blades between strokes, overlapping each stroke by a few inches. Then, spray and dray again until they are completely free of streaks. Using a paper towel or glass cleaning microfiber cloth, you can have extra dryness.

Step 6: clean windows from the inside

Do not skip cleaning your windows inside. It is much easier than cleaning them from the outside. Though the insides may be less messy, you need to pay the same amount of attention as you do for the outsides. Follow the same process inside.


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