Security and Quality Control

With Xlent Cleaning, the security of client premises will never be in doubt

The security of commercial premises where Xlent Cleaning works is crucial. Site security is always treated with the utmost care. To ensure client premises security and peace of mind, we build a comprehensive security plan for each site in consultation with clients, this security plan is then effectively communicated with our staff.

Security plans for each site include developing tailored security plan in consultation with clients. Recruiting people with appropriate police clearance and providing initial and continuous training is central to our operations. Our On-line Induction and Training program provides a valuable resource for staff for the general security for every site and Xlent Cleaning provides tailored security plans for the specific sites where staff are working.

Putting things in place to ensure peace of mind

We have developed measures to ensure that the security and integrity of client premises are carefully managed, which includes but is not limited to:

  1. Xlent Cleaning develops a to-do list to follow by our staff before leaving the premises
  2. All our staff are well trained about the security plan for the site they work
  3. Our mobile application is designed in such a way that it reminds our staff continuously about the safety and security of the premises they work
  4. Keys and swap cards are handled with care so that our staff do not lose them
  5. If there an emergency arises, our staff communicate with team leaders or managers at the time
  6. We try to use the same team members to carry out cleaning tasks and new staff are trained and supervised until they are competent

While we ensure that all reasonable measures are in place to ensure security and safety, sometimes the unforeseeable does arise. So, Xlent Cleaning is insured for public liability and workers’ compensation insurance to cover such occurrences.

Quality Control

Quality is non-negotiable

Quality is something which has been helping us to grow rapidly. We aim to deliver consistently superior quality services which meet or preferably exceed client requirements and expectations in a proactive, professional and cost-effective manner. Xlent Cleaning never compromises on the quality and regards quality as a non-negotiable ingredient for success.

Quality is a journey not a destination

It is our fundamental belief that the quality is a journey, not a destination and it must be measured by the eyes of clients. With this in mind, we strive to reflect quality in every process, every output and every operation. What separates Xlent Cleaning from its competitors is a stringent approach to quality assurance and quality management reflected in the pace of growth, a commitment to exemplary performance, and a sharp focus on customer satisfaction. We are consistent in our quest to deliver the best and have developed an enviable reputation for being driven by quality and cost-effectiveness.

The measures we undertake to ensure that cleaning services are delivered at a higher standard include but are not limited to

1.Our staff are trained to carry out each task in meticulous detail

2. We develop a custom checklist to suit the needs of each job site

3. After completion of the job, our staff must complete a check-list and send it to the management by using our mobile application

4. XlentCleaning managers conduct walk-through inspections regularly as well as randomly

5. We schedule meetings with our clients on a regular basis to collect feedback

6. We treat all feedback as an important resource and use it in decision-making process

7. To maintain consistently high quality, we try to employ the same staff as much as possible

8. We recognize the hard work of all staff and reward them through incentive plans

9. As a part of our quality control, we offer 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee

Without strict adherence to high-quality standards, we cannot achieve its goals. For this reason, Xlent Cleaning implement its quality measures to ensure client satisfaction is achieved.