Safety is our top priority

Xlent Cleaning has a legal obligation under the Workplace Health and Safety Act, 2011, to ensure the health and safety of all workers, clients, visitors and anyone else who affected by our business operations. We fulfil our legal obligations by identifying real and potential risks that may exist at the workplace and managing them in the safest possible way.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. It is company policy to make every reasonable effort to prevent accidents, protect employees, clients and visitors from injury, and promote the health, safety and welfare of employees, clients, visitors and the community.

Safety is more than just complying

Safety is an integral part of the Xlent Cleaning business. At Xlent Cleaning, safety is more than just complying with rules, regulations and policy; it is about creating and fostering a strong safety culture through effective safety management. We provide regular specialist training for its staff to prepare them for the unfamiliar hazards they may encounter or face in different situations and encourage them in safe working behaviours and habits.

Xlent Cleaning regularly consults with its clients and team members on matters affecting workplace health, safety and welfare and strives to keep workplaces safe. In turn, we expect a responsible and professional approach from staff to ensure that safety targets are met and an excellent safety record is obtained.

Keeping workplaces safe and compliant

At Xlent Cleaning, safety is a top priority and it is dedicated to discharging its legal obligations by complying with relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and safe work practices.

Our comprehensive occupational health and safety system entails all requisite measures to keep workplaces safe and compliant. To effectively implement this system, we provide adequate initial safety training to staff through an On-line Induction and Training programme. We also provide continuous safety training to staff at regular intervals.

We never compromise on safety

Xlent Cleaning acknowledges its responsibility to provide, maintain and seek to continuously improve health and safety standards and practices on premises in which it operates services. Our Risk Assessment and Management system will be in place at all premises to identify common causes of injury such as manual tasks, slips, trips and falls, Chemical Hazards, Biological hazards, Hazardous substances (e.g. sharps), Electrical hazards, External hazards, Vehicle hazards and Working alone. We enact control measures to eliminate or manage risks to an acceptable level.

Our occupational health and safety management system employ the following hierarchy of hazard control strategies for all potential hazards.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility – achieving safety goals together

Xlent Cleaning aims to provide a healthy and safe workplace through implementing occupational health and safety systems into service operations at all levels. we plan comprehensive and site-specific work health and safety policies, procedures, plans and strategies in consultation and cooperation between management, clients and staff.

We strongly believe that it’s occupational healthy and safety system will be more effective if everyone works in partnership to manage potential risks.

Management Responsibilities

  1. Identify hazards, assess risks and implement control strategies to eliminate or minimise the risk  to an acceptable level
  2. Exercise due diligence to ensure that we comply with our duties to ensure the health and safety of employees, clients, visitors and anyone else who affected by our business operations
  3. Design, purchase, install and maintain a safe site, equipment and products
  4. Develop and implement safe work practices for specific site and identical situations
  5. Comply with relevant State/Federal rules, regulations and guidelines
  6. Encourage consultation and participation in addressing safety issues
  7. Provide adequate initial and ongoing safety training, information, guidelines and supervision to team members so they are better able to recognize and deal with risks
  8. Ensure that workplace is safe for everyone and compliant
  9. Allocate sufficient  resources to maintain health and safe work environments
  10. Maintain documentations for compliance and record purposes
  11. Take prompt remedial action in case of injury and provide appropriate rehabilitation service

Staff Responsibilities

  1. Xlent Cleaning staff must complete the On-line Induction and Training program prior to commencing work
  2. Adhere to all instructions, safe work practices and rules
  3. Wear personal protective equipment with proper uniform according to dress code policy
  4. Immediately report any accidents or injuries, or unsafe work condition or equipment to management
  5. Do not carry out unusual tasks unless they have been given safety instruction to do so
  6. Not mis-use, damage, refuse to use, or interfere with anything provided in the interest of occupational health and safety
  7. Not use any equipment which they reasonably think that poses health and safety risk to them and other people
  8. Carry out each tasks in a manner which ensures individual health and safety and that of all other employees and visitors
  9. Co-operate with all other employees to enable the health and safety responsibilities of all staff be achieved

Client Responsibilities

  1. Provide adequate information about potential hazards
  2. The client should, wherever possible, be involved in conducting risk assessments and developing solutions
  3. Provide secure access to cleaning room/s and allow reasonable modifications to be made ( If necessary)  to ensure safety of our staff
  4. Draw attention to any damage and breakages which have the potential for health and safety risks
  5. Co-operate with Xlent Cleaning staff, including team leaders, and supply necessary information regarding health and safety
  6. Prompt notification of any unusual situation which might occur during a cleaning contract