Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Xlent Cleaning is committed to reducing environmental impact from its activities. We value the environment and ensure that resources are used as ecologically as possible. Our focus is to conducting our business in a sustainable way. We demonstrate our environmental responsibility by providing services to the highest environmental standards.

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Our responsibilities – Our actions

Our company policy is to use the latest, energy-efficient and most effective cleaning techniques to provide eco-friendly services and to keep wastage to a minimum. Xlent Cleaning has a waste minimisation system in place across all its business operations and it is dedicated to preventing pollution and contamination and reducing environmental impact wherever possible.

Our approach, our actions, we are green

Conventional cleaning methods in the past often involved harsh and toxic chemicals that polluted the environment and have adverse effects on health.  It is Xlent Cleaning policy to use chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods that demonstrate the lowest negative environmental impact. Our green cleaning is part of our approach to sustainable, safe and healthy cleaning.

For Xlent Cleaning, green cleaning is not just a fashionable trend: it has significant sustainable environment and health benefits too. Green cleaning improves hygiene, saves energy, reduces waste and creates a healthier workplace environment.  Using green cleaning products can help safeguard people’s health and safety and the environment as well

Green cleaning products used by us are bio-degradable and do not contain chemicals that adversely affect the soil, air, water, or wildlife. All our chemicals are Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Certified and supplied from Agar Green

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Xlent Cleaning allocates and uses resources wisely and as ecologically as possible. Our green cleaning process is not only sustainable but also renewable. While carrying out cleaning jobs at clients premises or functioning our internal business operation, we follow the reduce, reuse and recycle approach.

Other measures Xlent Cleaning takes to ensure sustainable practices include

  • 1. Evaluate the environmental aspects of any services and implement system and process to eliminate or reduce environmental impacts
  • 2. Integrate environmental management into day-to-day operations
  • 3. Complying with all the relevant environmental legislation/regulations
  • 4. Purchasing new, energy-efficient and environmental friendly plant, equipment and other materials
  • 5. Employ new cleaning methods which help to save energy, water, and chemical
  • 6. Using renewable resources which are packaged using recyclable material
  • 7. Taking environmental sustainability into account in decision making process
  • 8. Choosing suppliers whose business practices are more sustainable
  • 9. Processing employees documentation and other paper works by using technology to reduce paper consumption
  • 10. Communicating environmental policies and procedures to all employees through training
  • 11. Periodically reviewing environmental objectives and targets

Targets and Objectives

  • 1. Minimising wastage with proper waste handling techniques
  • 2. Reducing consumption and wastage of water, materials and energy
  • 3. Only using re-fillable bottle and re-useable containers
  • 4. Using renewable resources which are packaged using re-cyclable material
  • 5. Collecting paper, cardboard, plastic and glass waste for re-cycling
  • 6. Reducing paper towel consumption by using the washable micro-fibre cloths
  • 7. Purchasing non-toxic and bio-degradable chemical and encourage supplier to re-take containers for re-filling
  • 8. Processing all products orders and requests on-line to reduce for paper consumption
  • 9. Processing all employees documentation by using technology to reduce paper consumption