5 Commercial Cleaning Tips for Winter

Winter is already here, and it poses unique challenges to keeping your business cleaned and disinfected. The flu and the common cold run rampant during the winter months and are spread by viruses. If you fail to take proper office cleaning precautions, your entire workforce could be out on sick leave. As the winter months roll around, so will increased sick days. In the event one person in the office gets sick, they could possibly infect your entire workforce.

So, your office needs to be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Otherwise, your workplace could lead to a sick environment. Also, there are more things that needs your attention to maintain healthy work environment during winter season.

Let Xlent Cleaning suggest five commercial cleaning tips for winter.

1. Clean and Disinfect Contact Surfaces Thoroughly

Your employees and visitors come in and go out of your office frequently. Many people touch some places and things multiple times. You are less likely to avoid touching doorknobs, counters, tables, light switches, handles, elevator buttons, phones and etcetera.

Bacteria can be transformed and exchanged from such surfaces easily. Wipe and disinfect them with quality cleaning products or an alcohol-based sanitizer. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and faces after you touch common spots. Wash your hands with soap. Use sanitizer immediately after touching such commonly touched places.

2. Clean Floors, Window Frames & Toilets Thoroughly

Your staff and visitors come in heavy shoes. They may carry a lot of dust or mud and possibly damage the floors unintentionally. Uncleaned carpets collect dust, salt, and moisture all pose a significant threat to the floors of your business. Regular cleaning of the floors keeps your office dust-free.

Intensive & excessive moisture causes mold. Window frames, doors, bathrooms are the most common places where mold can appear. The mold is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. Sweep, vacuum and clean your carpets and floors to keep them clean and dry in winter. Apply regular cleaning to window frames and bathrooms.

3. Clean Window Glasses and Ventilators

In winter, the doors and windows are mostly shut to avoid cold. Mist sticks on the glasses. Dirty windows look cloudy and allow little or no sunlight into the office. Regular wiping up the glasses and keeping the blinds open during working hours give your employees more sunlight and boost their working mood.

4. Maintain Indoor Air Quality

In the cold season, you stay in an AC-installed room keeping the doors and windows closed. You are likely to suffer from poor indoor air quality. To solve this problem, install an air cleaner and add some indoor plants to the office. Indoor plants remove toxins from the air and are effective in keeping indoor air fresh.

Regular dusting keeps your office dust-free and improves freshness inside. Be sure that you have maintained and cleaned your HVAC systems efficiently. Similarly, manage food particles and other wastes properly. If possible, keep the windows open during the daylight hours to get fresh air inside.

5. Pest Controls

Cockroaches, spiders and other common insects are likely to grow in winter. They may carry viruses in your offices or homes. Make a cleaning checklist to avoid them housing in your office. Clean or repair possible breeding and creeping places of insects such as windows, doors, vents, pipes, corners, etc. Further, you can use pesticides to get rid of them. Please do not forget to read health cautions and apply safety measures while using them.


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