Top 10 Germiest Places In Your Office

Neglected and high-touched places amass dirt housing dreadful germs. Frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, chair handles, tables, switches and elevators nurture dreadful viruses and bacteria. Further, the computer keyboards, water fountain, restrooms, etc., being elapsed to scrub, shelter numerous micro-organisms.

Which are the germiest places in your office? Let X-lent reveal the 9 topmost places likely to be a colony of germs.

1. The Break / Kitchen Room

Everyone comes, sits and goes into the break room. Being shared among all, the break rooms tend to collect more grime feeding more germs and bacteria to multiply. The spaces prone to this problem are – the sink, faucet and utensils, microwave (especially the door handle) and the handle of the refrigerator.

2. Door Handles & Elevator Buttons

In your office, everyone enters and goes out through doors. With more people’s constant touches, an excessive quantity of bacteria or viruses can stick there. In the elevator, all of us press buttons while going up and climbing down. Can you imagine the counts? A lot. Consequently, much more germs and bacteria stick on the buttons & surfaces.

3. Your Working Table/Desk

Every day you come, sit and work the whole day on your table; therefore, it collects much grime. If not cleaned regularly, germs breed, grow and upsurge in huge numbers. The surface of the your cabin, table, lockers and legs can foster bacteria and other micro-organisms.

4. Keyboards & Mouse:

While working, you frequently touch the computer keyboard with your sticky fingers and unwashed hands. Sometimes, you possibly sneeze on it, eat over it, and spill drinks on it. When you never clean it, it results in filthy space, a haven for germs.

5. Office Equipment & Resources

Some tools (calculators, staplers, etc.), and other resources (files, binders, telephones, etc.) are regularly used by multiple persons which gathers much more dirt. There are likely to harbor more germs and other micro-organisms. Microbes can hide and thrive on the buttons of the printer, copier, fax, postage meter, and other devices. Most of us rarely pay attention to clean them.

6. Water Dispenser and Bottles

Your water cooler, getting used commonly to get water, cannot be free from germs. Even germs can get breeding on bottles, glasses or cups during transport and delivery. With so many touches all through the day, the surfaces tend to be quite dirty.

7. Tea/Coffee Utensils

Tea/coffee machines and pots remain damp and dark inside. Bacteria breed inside if not cleaned properly and left dry. The handles and bottoms of coffeepot and mugs/glasses can come with a bulk of bacteria.

8. Telephones

You touch and talk on your phone all day long touching your ears and near to face. This eases it to collect more dirt, so not free from germs. When the telephone is common for all staffs, many hands’ touches, the chances become more often and faster.

9. Restrooms

Germs like E. coli bacteria can cover the office bathroom. Even getting your hands clean can be hard because the faucet handles may be especially dirty. You could hold a paper towel in your hand when you turn the water on and off, as well as when you push the handle to flush the toilet.

10. Non-automatic soap and sanitizer dispensers

Just like handles and elevators buttons, with constant touches, an excessive quantity of bacteria or viruses can stick there.


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