Maintaining a Clean and Tidy Office Desk Through Organisation

The office space that you work in is more than likely being professionally cleaned regularly throughout the week to maintain overall office cleanliness. But optimising the cleanliness of your workstation or office desk starts with you. More importantly, you should organise your workspace for maximum efficiency. The benefits of doing this are productivity, efficiency, and a healthier work environment. The following are some ideas to help you towards gaining a better work environment.

Keep your Main Desk Space as Clear as Possible

Remembering how a clean and tidy area positively affects the mind, maximising efficiency is never more important than in the organisation of your main desk area. Keeping your desk space clear of unnecessary items promotes workflow. Items like décor, plants and photos can be placed elsewhere. The idea is to decrease distraction and increase productivity.


The best thing to do to organise your desk is to add some shelving. It is great because it creates space where there isn’t a lot of space to work with. If you are that tight on desk space, tabletop shelving is the perfect solution to that problem. You can easily make a three-layer shelf with your desk serving as the bottom layer. Arrange it according to the most used items in the most accessible sections.

Elevate your Monitor

By using a monitor stand, you are creating additional space where there would otherwise be none. This can be used to store flat items or a pencil case. What this also does is enable better posture by now having your monitor elevated to eye level.

Desk Drawer Dividers

The time it takes to find an item in a drawer can be greatly reduced by having drawer dividers. Everything is in its place and quickly accessible, such as clips, tacks, glue, white-out, etc. Placing the least used items at the bottom and the most used on the top.

Store Items by Type

Once you have organised your workspace to your preferred storage solution, place related items together. You can place paper supplies, like printing paper, sticky notes, note pads, and notebooks together. So on and so forth as with writing supplies and cutting supplies.

Space Under Your Desk

You can use this area for the storage of infrequently used items such as archived documents kept for reference and personal items. You can put them in a lockable rolling drawer, rolling carts, or something as simple as a basket or box.

The purpose of this exercise to take away is that productivity is the mother of having a well-organised clean and tidy office desk or workstation.

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