How to Keep the Office Kitchen Clean & Sanitize

Your office kitchen should be a place of relaxation during your break times. A well-cleaned office kitchen makes everyone feel comfortable, refreshing, and safe from germs.

Kitchen can become the dirtiest place comparatively faster than other office areas. Not cleaned properly, it gathers many stains, smells bad, and grows mold. Dreadful insects creep and viruses float everywhere. Harmful germs and microorganisms can be found to thrive in the microwave, tap handles, water dispenser, vending machines, refrigerators, the kitchen sponge and cloths as well as all touchable surfaces.

Follow these effective tips presented by Xlent Cleaning in keeping your office kitchen neat and germs-free.

Implement an office kitchen policy

You can make and implement an office cleaning policy to keep your office kitchen always clean and tidy. This should include basics like cleaning after use, washing or rinsing dishes, removing outdated food from the refrigerator, and disposing wastes in bins properly.

Ensure that everyone knows the rules. Communicate with all the staff through your internal communications – group emailing or regular newsletters. Develop and encourage the culture of cleanliness. It’s a group effort. It may seem difficult to encourage employees to follow a culture of cleanliness but, after some time, it becomes a habit.

Clean spills immediately

Spills, if not cleaned immediately, dry up to pesky stains. This problem is more serious to carpeted rooms or sections. So, remove the spills as soon as possible.

Also, your kitchen visibly becomes dirty – food overflowed in the microwave, leftovers on the tables, water on the floor or tea spots on the kitchen table. Grab a paper towel and mop it up immediately. Likewise, pick up the leftovers dropped on the table or floor before you move to the sink.

Post signs in the kitchen

After you have implemented office kitchen guidelines, do not forget to put signs in appropriate areas. You can paste guideline posters or signs to go around the kitchen walls. It keeps the cleaning policy visible and reminds every one of their responsibilities in the office kitchen.

For example, if you want to encourage your employees to wash their hands before and after eating, post a sign on the kitchen door to the office kitchen or just above the sink.

Make sure cleaning supplies are available

Keeping cleaning supplies stand by, makes you feel easier for quick clean up. For example, if someone spills tea or coffee, they can use paper towels hanging visibly. Make sure that you have a large supply of new and clean dishcloths or towels. Every week (or on a schedule that works for you), wash, sanitize and dry all the dishrags and towels.

Also, keep other kitchen cleaning tools and chemicals ready – vacuum, stick broom, surface disinfectants, dish liquids, brushes and mops.

Clean and maintain waste bins

Waste bins collect all sorts of wastes in the kitchen. If you just keep changing the garbage bag and left bin uncleaned for a long time, it begins smelling. If your bin smells, germs and microorganisms are always living there. What is more, it ruins your wellbeing and creates a bad impression or picture of your office.

Check them frequently and ensure the bins are taken out, cleaned and replaced with a new bag whenever needed.

Sanitize touchpoints and countertops

Everyone comes, sits, and goes into the break room. Being shared among all, the break rooms tend to collect more grime feeding more germs and bacteria to multiply. The spaces prone to this problem are – the sink, countertops, faucet and utensils, microwave (especially the door handle) and the handle of the refrigerator. These items can spread germs and those germs can make their way into your food. Ensure to clean and sanitize these frequently touchpoints.

Hire commercial cleaners

Keeping your office clean and properly sanitized can become a challenge. Neglected for a longer time, your office kitchens can collect much dirt and are difficult to clean completely, especially in a high-traffic office. But the professional cleaners have all of the right knowledge, skills, tools, supplies, and know-how to keep your office’s kitchen practically dirt and germ-free.


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