How to Clean Reception Area, and Create a Great First Impression

Your reception area must appear clean, comfortable, and welcoming. This is the first impression someone gets of your company. Whether a customer, client, employee, or potential partner walk through your doors, you want to welcome them with a comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing space. You may lose your prospective new clients if reception does not look enticing. If you are looking to wow your visitors and gain that all-important positive first impression, then you must keep your reception area clean, fresh, and well-presented throughout the day.

Let Xlent Cleaning to present you some general methods to create refreshingly clean and welcoming reception.

1. Cleaning Reception Furniture

The furniture in the reception can have surprising amount of dirt, dust, and food particles. Furniture must be dusted, vacuumed, and disinfected every day. Also, some furniture requires polishing periodically by using manufacturers recommended products to maintain the shininess.

2. Hard and Carpeted Floor.

Because of foot traffic, your reception gets collected significant amount of dirt, dust, and grimes. Hard floors should be swept, mopped, and disinfected, whereas carpeted areas should be vacuumed at least once a day. In case of spills, spot cleaning immediately reduces the risk of strains or slips and falls. Carpet should be deep cleaned in regular intervals- usually every six months depending on the traffic.

3. Entrance Window & other Decorative Items

Entrance door must look clean and dust free. Spot cleaning need to be done every day to remove finger marks and dust. full cleaning is recommended once a month. The door handles require disinfecting each day. Windowsills, ledges and blinds need dusting and cleaning on regular basis.
Other arrangements such as magazines, plants and furniture should be dusted, cleaned and well-placed to create a professional look.

4. Cleaning Reception Exterior

Before visitors enter the reception, they may be passing through the parking lot, the landscape, and the building itself. Keeping them clean and tidy is creating a trust which starts from such areas as the visitors see upon visiting. So, keeping clean and tidy such places would reflect your business reputation, professional look, and quality of the services. For this, it is particularly important to clean and maintain these areas.

5. Cleaning Restrooms

Finally, your visitors can go to the restroom to freshen up. Everyone expects this area to be tidy, clean, and disinfected. What will happen if your restroom seems messed with debris and smell?
So, make sure that the toilets, urinals, and sinks are always clean and sanitized regularly. Mirrors and doors should be wiped clean, and doorknobs require disinfecting. At last, a stock of clean water, quality soap and paper products will make the users feel more comfortable.


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