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Floor stripping and sealing in Sydney can be a difficult task when undertaken by someone inexperienced and it can often lead to floors looking worse than before! Luckily, we at Xlent Cleaning have plenty of experience. From newly installed floors that need more protection to sealer on an aging floor that needs a refresh, we are here to help.

Why use a professional strip and seal service Sydney for your floor?

There are many reasons why a professional strip and seal service in Sydney can be beneficial for your floor. One great benefit is that your floor may become scratch-resistant and stain-repellent!

This is a great advantage, especially when it comes to floors that are walked on often, such as an office. Additionally, anti-slip effects are often achieved through this treatment, keeping everyone who walks on your floor a little safer.

How do I know if stripping and sealing will work on my floor?

The vast majority of hard flooring can be stripped and sealed safely. This includes vinyl, tile and marble. If you are worried about whether you can strip and seal your floor, ensure that you read the floor manufacturer’s instructions. Alternatively, we are always happy to offer our opinion if you can show us a picture of your floor.

There are different types of sealant that we can use and this will all depend on the condition of your flooring and when you last had a similar job completed.

What happens during a floor strip and seal service Sydney?

When you choose Xlent Cleaning as your floor stip and seal service in Sydney, you will receive a professional job, completed on time and on budget. During our visit, the tasks we usually undertaking during a floor strip and seal service includes:

  1. Inspection of the floor in order to ascertain what the best type of protection will be made of.
  2. Apply a stripping solution to helps remove any old sealer.
  3. We remove the top protective layer using our dedicated floor stripping equipment.
  4. A neutralising solution is then applied to your floor.
  5. We rinse and leave your floor to dry.
  6. The correct sealant is then applied to your floor to treat it.

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