Quality Policy

Policy Statement

Multix Services Pty Ltd T/A Xlent Cleaning is committed to deliver consistently  superior quality cleaning service which meet or exceed our customer requirements  and expectations in a proactive, professional and cost effective manner. Our quality  policy outlines our commitment to quality and describes the Xlent Cleaning  approach to quality and continuous improvement.

Intent of this policy

The intent of this policy is to ensure:

❖ we are dedicated to provide cost-effictive service and responsiveness to clients  changing needs and expectations

❖ we allocate enough resources to train staff and build a system to achieve  efficiency in our operations

❖ quality is integrated in our day-to-day business activities and our services meet  legislative requirements, and industry standards

❖ our zero complaint approach is implemented and reviewed against key  performance

Our commitments

We, as a company will:

❖ provide an adequate training to all staff and monitor their performance

❖ be proactive to remove non-value added steps in our processes where feasible

❖ strive to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times

❖ create an environment where continuous improvement is encouraged

❖ ensure that quality is non-negotiable aspect of our business model

❖ communicate with clients, seek feedback and make changes to accommodate  new requirements or expectations


This policy apply to all employees at Xlent Clenaing. Employees are expected to effectively implement this policy into everyday business operations.

Changes to this policy

Xlent Cleaning may modify or update this quality policy. The latest version of this  policy will always be available on our web-site.