Policy Statement Multix Services Pty Ltd T/A Xlent Cleaning recognises its legal and ethical responsibility to care for the environment. This care is integrated across all aspects of our operations. Xlent Cleaning is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities and it supports the principles of sustainable development Intent of this policy

Intent of this policy

The intent of this policy is to ensure:

  1. compliance with all applicable federal and state legislation and regulations
  2. to integrate a philosophy of sustainable development into business activities by establishing and promoting sound environmental practice in business operations
  3. continuously improve by establishing environmental objectives and targets.
  4. Xlent Cleaning staff are appropriately informed about policies and practice environmental conscience into everyday activities


This policy applies to everyone who works at Xlent Cleaning. Staff must effectively implement this policy into everyday business operations.


Xlent Cleaning is committed to conducting business in a sustainable way at all levels. We demonstrate our environmental responsibility by committing to:

  1. comply with environmental laws and regulations
  2. set objectives, targets and programmes to continually improve own environmental performance 3. provide training for all staff so that they are familiar with the Xlent Cleaning environmental policy and procedures 4. develop a culture of sustainable environmental management by developing the awareness and involvement of staff 5. adopt effective procedures to minimise waste and to promote the re-cycling of un-used products and packaging

Objectives and targets

  1. minimise wastage by using appropriate waste handling techniques
  2. reduce consumption and wastage of water, materials and energy
  3. only use re-fillable bottles and re-useable containers
  4. use renewable resources which are packaged using re-cyclable material
  5. collect paper, cardboard, plastic and glass waste for re-cycling
  6. reduce paper towel consumption by using the washable micro-fibre cloths
  7. purchase non-toxic and bio-degradable chemicals and encourage suppliers to re-fill- containers
  8. process all products orders and requests using on-line services to reduce for paper consumption
  9. employee induction, training and documentation should be done using
    technology wherever possible to reduce paper consumption